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2016 Enfilade Pre-Registration ends on April 27

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2016 Enfilade Pre-Registration ends on April 27

Postby barca » Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:32 am

For those gamers not registered yet, I am quoting a message from the NHMGS Yahoo newsgroup:

2016 Enfilade Pre-Registration ends on April 27! So all of you Gamers who haven’t Pre-Registered, you only have 2 weeks to get it done. That means paid registration! Remember you get the 3 days of the Con, 2016 NHMGS Membership, $30 Reg gets a $5 T-Shirt and 2 online Event/Game sign-ups. 3 as a GM! Remember, if you cannot make the Con for any reason we will refund your money less the $5 NHMGS Fee.

So lets get going and get Registered!

Note: Due to a Policy change you must do your 2/3 online Event/Game sign-ups before Game sign-up closure! They will not be allowed to be carried over to the Con and will be lost. Save yourselves some time and don’t stand in the sign-up line those 2 periods.

AL Rivers
Enfilade Registration Coordinator"
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Re: 2016 Enfilade Pre-Registration ends on April 27

Postby Unorthodoxy » Wed May 25, 2016 9:56 am

This is about to happen!

Excited. Can't wait to wade into battle and get some time in the sandbox.
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