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Team Yankee Demo at ENFILADE!

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Team Yankee Demo at ENFILADE!

Postby barca » Wed May 25, 2016 7:55 am

Time Block E: Sat 7:00PM
EH-191 Team Yankee Demo
by James Billingham, Team Yankee, 4 hrs, State Room, 8 players, Demo, Newcomers welcome
Team Yankee Demo. Cold War Gone Hot! Time warp to 1985 or step out of a Tardis into an alternate timeline. The forces of NATO and the Warsaw Pact start World War Three with tanks, planes and helicopters. Reenact battles from the novel. This is a fast-moving engagement using M1 Abrams tanks, Soviet T-72 tanks, Hind and Cobra helicopter gunships, etc. Models and coaching provided.
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