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January 30th Flames of War Tournament results

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January 30th Flames of War Tournament results

Postby Unorthodoxy » Sat Jan 30, 2016 11:15 pm

I had a great time. Thanks to Mikhail for hosting us and setting it all up and keeping score for us.

A big thanks to Dylan AND Cordell who brought some really REALLY nice terrain to enjoy. It was an embarrassment of riches when it came to that fantastic terrain. There's not a soul on earth that wouldn't have wanted to play on it. Seriously.

I also enjoyed the lunch together with every one and the comradery. We filled that back corner pretty good with people and it was a hoot. That really is an important part of the experience (for me). I really like hanging out during and after.

Finally, we had some really solid discussions with the store owner about future events and those events will be published soon, but the heads up is that they will be in Septmber (likely the 10th) and again in November (likely the 12th). More to come on that.

We also had great discussions about bringing a team (or two) to support the OFCC as it is including Flames of War this year and we do want to support it since Fantasy has died an ignominous death. It's long overdue to include it,

So the Idea here is to have everyone in Olympia in May for the big ENFILADE tournament, Then the Olympia players plan to go to Portland and duke it out in July at OFCC, that will be followed by a Tournament back here in September and then in November, we would hold another one in Portland before the holiday season makes it untenable for anyone to do those sorts of things. So it should be a year filled with Flames of War in 2016. Alternating the events every couple months between Portland and Olympia (a budding relationship between the groups ever since I invented the Northwest Invasion idea) should provide us all the chance to play with our toys and yet having us travel only three times a year (yet getting six tournaments a year between the groups!).

I'm excited about the possibilities. We still have to coordinate with the folks in Portland, but James B (Barca) and I interfaced pretty well and I think it will happen.

Also: I will post the link later that has the pics of the winners and what they won.
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