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Sunday October 29th ITC Event...RESULTS ARE IN

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Re: Sunday October 29th ITC Event...RESULTS ARE IN

Postby Unorthodoxy » Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:04 pm

osan22 wrote:Joe failed to mention that each of the infantry squads had lascannons in them, and one of the warlords had the relic pistol and the scout sentinels had heavy flamers, one punisher had dual multi melta's and a lascannon, while the other just had the lascannon. But, anyways.

Top three lists were


My list was The Yncarne, Yvraine and muegan ra, a squad of 7 dark reapers, a squad of 3 shinging spears with a star lance on the exarch, 2 squads of dire avengers and a squad of kabalites, and a squad of fire dragons in a wave serpant with triple shuricannons and star engines.

I dont know what the orc was playing, something about lots of nobs with combi-scorchas in trukks.

My games went 19-0 vs deathwing, 10-9 vs IG (If only I had ran for the objective two turns earlier!!) and 19-1 vs imperial soup (Space wolves + saint celestine + an anti psyker assasin + a stormraven)

I didnt fail. I just didnt feel like typing the whole damn list. Lol.
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