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ITC 8th Ed Kick Off "Fight" 2000pt Bremerton, WA July 15

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Re: ITC 8th Ed Kick Off "Fight" 2000pt Bremerton, WA July 15

Postby Kingpin » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:55 pm

Need an update. How did the day go?
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Re: ITC 8th Ed Kick Off "Fight" 2000pt Bremerton, WA July 15

Postby Unorthodoxy » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:29 pm

GW can saaaay 2 hours is doable, but 2.5 hour rounds needs to be the standard. My opponent had 4 models left, two nearly dead and we made it to the end of round 3. I got my turn cut short. Had there been a 4th round, I table him and win the tournament w a perfect score! Instead I lost. Le sigh.

I heard similar stories at our event. Its early in the edition but one thing is clear. Alternating deployment and some other factors really cut into the game time. Example was the Ynnari Soulburst thing. It just adds to the game length and frankly if were being honest, isnt even a fair mechanic. But its greatest crime is the time it took to resolve the resulting charge and the resulting overwatch and so on. Ugh.

I had a blast though. The actual event and opponents were good. I fought a Propheryon Titan which was real scary. That is a big big model. I also got to play Don. Kroot Hounds spelled doom for him. Time and again the Kroot Hounds have proven their value. I also played against a Harlequin force and learned that prioritizing their crazy pistol units is a good idea. I got caught off guard by their postola shenanigans. He wont catch me flat footed again however.

Also forgot, more than once, to move certain units and forgot to attack with my Kroot Hounds in one combat which was hilarious..
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Re: ITC 8th Ed Kick Off "Fight" 2000pt Bremerton, WA July 15

Postby WinterTalon » Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:15 pm

Had fun. Line of sight blocking terrain was lacking on most of the tables. That was my only issue. Each table needs 3 to 5 of them of different sizes. My first game was a shooting gallery i faced a stormlord and 40 shoot fly that hid behind 100 conscriptes vs my nids. There wasn't a thing i could do. The stormlord could see everything on the table. it deleted two units a turn by it's self. I feel that will be the new LeafBlower for IG AM.

The event has a lot of terrain so that is good but ruins don't work like they did in 7th. They will have to build some decent line of sight terrain.
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