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8th Edition Unbound

Postby Kingpin » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:30 pm

This is kind of a further discussion of my other topic about the old school force org chat. After writing that up and thinking more about it. I realized why I miss the force org chart and the real problem I am having with 8th. But first a look back.

When 7th came out so did the release of the unbound army. Every tournament and pickup game immediately ban unbound lists as unfun and unfair. Then we got the release of a mind boggling amount of formations that let you use just about anything you wanted in any combination anyway. By the end of 7th I bet if you revisited the question of allowing unbound it might now have been such a big deal anymore because the broken formations where over to top.

Now roll out 8th edition. All those OP formations are gone. The 40k community rejoices and 8th is a big hit. But what really happened is the common acceptance of unbound in competitive play. If you want to play an army of all Tau commanders and a couple of FW riptides, cool there is a detachment for that. You want to play all heavy support choices, cool there is a detachment for that. For the tax of one HQ choice you can take what ever units you want. The community was so against unbound just a couple years ago but now you roll it out with the name Detachment stamped on it and require one HQ and suddenly its ok.

Don and I are going to be doing test games using the old force org and see how that goes. I like 95% of 8th edition but the openness of army building just kills it for me. If it all works out like I hope it will I may try and run a modified tournament and see if anyone is interested. If not I may just have to drop out of competitive play and be a casual pleb for a while.
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Re: 8th Edition Unbound

Postby Unorthodoxy » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:08 am

I've never given a crap about the cheddar anyways, so I'd 100% play in a tournament with the old force org.

Restrictions on tournaments is not even a speck of dust on my targeting reticle. TO's with the balls to run it their way are cool.

So don't test crap. Just organize it and make it happen. I'm all in.
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