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havent played in a while and craving a game 9/28-10/1 @occ

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Re: havent played in a while and craving a game 9/28-10/1 @o

Postby osan22 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:03 pm

heya dan something came up last minute and i wont be able to make it up
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Re: havent played in a while and craving a game 9/28-10/1 @o

Postby oatsman » Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:55 am

Dan in desperate need of playing someone and also getting a call from Joseph...I accepted the challenge. GAME ON!

With a newly acquired Imperial guard army (I refuse to call it Astra Milicrapness). A list I made a few days ago. Lots of scion plasma love, Taurox primes, heavy weapons teams, and a Valkrie. Dano took his 107 model Alpha Legion list...Egads! The minus 1 to hit over 12 inches played a huge part in this game especially against the Guard.

Itc mission big guns never tire.
I won to go first and he failed to seize.

Turn 1
Alpha strike was a no go for me...again -1 hit was stellar! I killed a handful of cultists and a couple of angry Marines. He killed a taurox prime, mortar squad, and a couple of rough riders.

Turn 2
I killed all the back field threats that includes 5 Termies and a chosen squad with my deep striking scions...having a tempestor prime giving out orders and commisar Yarrick rerolling ones makes for a nasty combo. Dan decided to concentrate on my Tauroxes during this turn killed one and put some wounds on another.

Turn 3-4
It was a shoot at this point as I killed all of his bikes and he had the rest of the Army castled up in his deployment zone. He realized he wasn't going to win like this and started moving his guys forward on turn 4

Turn 5
He actually got closer to my objective but the conscripts barred his way...he did kill them, and all I had was a couple of crippled Tauroxes guarding the precious..
My precious (Gollum voice) we rolled for end of turn and came up as a 1...GAME OVER!

I got primary, line breaker, ground control and we tied Maelstrom
Score 14- 4

Whew! As I said before, if he didn't have that -1 to hit I would of blown him.off the board. I'm thinking of doing Raven guard now lol.....not a bad first outing for the IG. The scions did work...killed all of the forward threats and jumped on objectives. Taurox primes couldn't move much because of heavy weapons and the Alpha legion rule I would be hitting on 5s, but boy howdy do they throw down some firepower...gatling cannon, hot shot volley guns and a storm Bolter are no joke. With the new IG codex coming out this week..I can't wait to try out my 8 leman russes....muhahahaha!

I hope you enjoyed the report...I know Joseph does teehee

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Re: havent played in a while and craving a game 9/28-10/1 @o

Postby Unorthodoxy » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:42 am

Sounds like a game worthy of the scribes.

Alpha Legion does indeed have a stellar ability. Dan's force, were he to tweak it ever so slightly could be even a little scarier. My experience against it has been all good games. I think he really needs a vanguard move unit. I am finding them infinitely useful. Like Sniper Drones, they dont generally jump off the page at you as units go, but they serve such a valuable purpose when the reality of the battle hits. Guys like your commissar need to die and things like T'au Commander suit spam have to be fended off. You can't do those two functions without snipers and a Vanguard move unit respectively.
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