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How do you play 8th?

Open - No House Rules
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Open - House Rules
Narrative - No House Rules
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The 8th that you play

Postby Lance845 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:47 pm

Hey WarSound. I started a thread a little over 8 months ago soon after 8th came out on DakkDakka and just made a new one to get updated information. I am also curious about my local area too.

8th is made up of a lot of modular rules coupled with the 3 ways to play. Just thought I would see what people in general like to play.

This time around I am adding a multiple choice poll because I think it might be interesting to see the results. It's just rough answers. I realize that if you play with any house rules it amounts to Open. But I figured this will give a leaning towards whether they play closer to matched or not.

So here is what I mostly play these days.

Whenever I can I play a home brew Beyond the Gates of 40k. ( https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/p ... 33472.page ) I honestly think this is the best version of the game.

When I can't I play 8th Open, but very close to Matched with a few House Rules if opponents are willing.

Points vs Power

We use both. If its just quick list building or we want to experiment with a bunch of wargear options without the nit picking points we will go with power. But mostly we have been sticking with points.


We are making use of every mission. Narrative, matched, whatever. Play what looks fun.

Matched And Advanced Rules In Effect At All Times

-Army Faction and Battleforged Army Construction with Army Roster
-Reinforcement Points
-Strategic Discipline
-Tactical Reserves (unless a specific mission would require otherwise)
-HOUSE RULE: We do not use Psychic Focus, but we do specify that psychic powers do not stack with themselves (I.E. I could not cast The Horror (-1 to hit and ld) on the same unit multiple times for a cumulative effect. I can still cast The Horror multiple times each time targeting a different unit) and each time you try to cast the same power in the same phase it's a cumulative -1 to your attempt. Basically Beta Smite rules for all powers.
-We are now using new home brew terrain rules that add a lot more tactical depth.
-Height Advantage
-Fire In The Hole
-Leaving Combat Airspace
-HOUSE RULE: We use 7th ed targeting in that wings, tails, banners, antenna, and other decorative portrudeing elements cannot be used to draw LOS (You cannot aim from them and you cannot target them). Like 7th says, you shouldn't be penalized for putting your models in fun and epic positions. Neat decorative elements shouldn't impact the game play. So they don't.

What about you guys?
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Re: The 8th that you play

Postby Morendie » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:31 pm

I stick with traditional rules. Maybe special terrain rules for fun.

As for points vs power level..Points all the way. Power Level is great for just throw a quick list together and just play. However it can be extremely unbalanced. Some units can take a lot of stuff, and with power level, you can just take it all at no penalty. Tau is most infamous with this. I tested it and played with almost 3kpts worth for a 100pl game which is suppose to be about 2kpts.

So for matched play, where your playing new people trying to beat them, points. Newer players, quick pick them ups, simple casual games, go power level. Just dont take advantage of it.

Otherwise points, points will always be fair.
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