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Ghostkeal vs formation rules

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Ghostkeal vs formation rules

Postby waffles » Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:32 pm

So an interesting inquiry came up in a short game that was played. I will post the main question first, then an explanation of the circumstances that followed.

Does a formation that 'resolves their shots as if they were a single unit' count as a 'single enemy unit'?

Tau vs Tau:
Player One has a ghostkeel with the ability to use Holophoton Countermeasures still intact (single use only). Player Two is running a Firebase Support Cadre (a unit of 1 Riptide, and two units of single broadsides). Player Two shoots the entire formation at the Ghostkeel to enable their Special ability: "Instead of firing independently in the Shooting phase, all units in a Firerbase support Cadre can participate in a co-ordinated firestorm. When they do so, all models from this formation must shoot the same target, resolving their shots as it they were a single unit - this includes the use of markerlight abilities. When resolving this shooting attack, all firing models have the Tank Hunters and Monster Hunter special rules."

Player One enables the Ghostkeels ability after dictation of firing is made. Holophoton Countermeasures state: "Once per battle, in the enemy shooting phase, a model equipped with holophoton countermeasures can disrupt the targeting systems used by one enemy unit that is targeting it or the unity it belongs to. Declare that the unit will use the holophoton countermeasures after the enemy unit has chosen it as a target, but before any hit rolls are made. the enemy unit can only make Snap Shots in that shooting phase."

So when the countermeasures go off: Does a single unit in the formation get chosen to snap fire? Or does the entire formation have to snap fire since they are resolving their shots as if they were a single unit?

Thank you for your time. Ask any questions as I know not many have the Tau codex and unsure if this would affect any game beyond a Tau vs Tau scenario.

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Re: Ghostkeal vs formation rules

Postby Unorthodoxy » Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:01 pm

No. While they fire AS one unit, they are NOT one unit and the Countermeasure only affects one unit. Now if it said the units BECAME a unit, then sure. But now that I have read it again, I have to argue that multiple Countermeasures would have to be fired off simply because more than one unit IS firing even though the fire itself is handled as if one unit fired it. This is a case where two things are true: They are individual units which the rule doesn't change and the Firing is handled as one unit which means allocation, firing the weapons in order and so on. Countermeasures are very specifically to affect ONE UNIT FIRING, regardless of how they fire.

Keep in mind also that this means the units firing as one must resolve weapons with the same name at the same time and so on. However, it is genrally accepted that if a person in the unit had, say, preferred enemy, this would only affect his individual shots even though they fire as one unit. the ITC has ruled this way also, but it might come up so you may wish to consider that. This is because the individuals were granted the Preferred Enemy special rule so only those ones in the unit HAVE the rule before this coordinated fire happens and nowhere does it say you can grant such a thing to other UNITS.

Anywho, there you go.
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