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Harlequin's Caress

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Harlequin's Caress

Postby Kelshin » Sun Mar 01, 2015 4:15 pm

Disclaimer: I know exactly how gamey this is about to sound; and I don't agree with the logic of it but a friend just pointed this out and I haven't found any footing to disagree.

Caress rule verbatim : "Each To Hit roll of a 6 made by a weapon with this special rule causes a single automatic Wound, regardless of the target's Toughness, and is resolved at AP2. Against vehicles, each To Hit roll of a 6 causes a single automatic glancing hit."

The gameyness is that no where in there, or in the BRB anywhere I can find does it say that you still don't cause a normal hit that you also roll to wound with at your base strength. The way it's worded seems to be a "in addition to" as opposed to an "instead of." There is no "The hit becomes..." or "The hit is resolved as/at..." It just says rolling a 6 on your roll to hit causes...

No rule in the game seems to discount the hit from also being a normal hit. :O Opinions, besides the obvious "THATS RETARDED!" that I totally agree with.
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Re: Harlequin's Caress

Postby DylanGould » Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:09 pm

The rule tells you exactly what happens: "...a single automatic wound...". Special rules override general ones, so the normal wounding doesn't apply.
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