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Bad Touch Deck

Bad Touch Deck

Postby Purgatus » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:49 pm

As soon as I realized the way that deathtouch and trample interact, it got me thinking.

This deck has a few different interesting interactions going on. I tried to focus on 'native' deathtouchers, of which there are many good ones. The deck has eight flyer blockers (deadly recluse and vampire nighthawk). It has a "surprise!" blocker (ambush viper), and when you combine the effects of the ulvenwald tracker with a death-toucher, any critter is a kill spell. Undying Evil can let you get away with it twice.

Revenge of the Hunted on a Deathtoucher will essentially wipe their board, which is hilarious.

Rancor and Revenge of the Hunted turn my deathtouch defense into a potent, almost unstoppable offense, and Underworld Connections and the Mwonvuli keep the good times rolling. I like that the deck has such a low curve, but has enough card draw to make it work I think.


Pretty cheap deck and I think could be surprisingly nasty. Thoughts?
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