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Painting tutorials?

Please share your ideas and questions about painting and modeling or post pics of your cool mods or paint jobs.

Re: Painting tutorials?

Postby MaximusPrime79 » Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:10 pm

The solution to the condensation problem that I was told from a friend of mine who works in a wood shop using a compressor all of the time was... buy a second moisture trap filter and set it up on a long piece of hose... take the hose and connect it to the moisture trap on the compressor that runs hot and string it up and down in a U shape on a board... creating an airline that works as a expansion chamber/ moisture trap... then the second moisture trap filter... then your air hose to your brush....

Sound somewhat similar to what your doing Dylan?
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Re: Painting tutorials?

Postby Techpriest Enginseer » Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:59 pm

tautnt wrote:shading for sure. Also any advice on washes would definitely be welcomed.

Think I am gonna field this one. I am at a perfect spot on a project to illustrate some shading/highlighting stuff. Gimme through the weekend and I'll have something that ought to be worth a look.

Thank you for the link Dylan. I am working with a low dollar Central Pneumatic kit from harbor freight. The regulator/water trap right off the side of that smoking hot compressor is just... horribad. I will look into the grip filter, will those work on a bottom suction feed airbrush?
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Re: Painting tutorials?

Postby DylanGould » Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:48 pm

Techpriest Enginseer wrote:I will look into the grip filter, will those work on a bottom suction feed airbrush?

It will work with any type, as it is just a link in the air flow chain...and as a great bonus, it is a lot easier on the wrist than just the brush.

Another easy improvement would be to get a cheapo plastic (plastic rather than anything insulating, as you want it to let the ambient air heat your compressed air) air line. Insert it between your compressor and the water trap (I am assuming the regulator is screwed in) and it gives the air a place to cool and condense water. Leave it coiled and it works as a basic gravity filter, you just have to remove it to drain periodically.
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