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Postby Jeezy » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:41 am

Looking to sell my Tau Army. I love these guys but don't get to field them much so would rather someone get some use out of them. Everything is painted and assembled with some magnetization. The exception being 2 additional broadsides I'm including that are primered. These are battle ready and come in a transport case that's fits everything except the broadside, riptide, storm surge and supremacy armor. Looking for 650 for everything or 500 minus the supremacy armor.

Pics can be found here:
https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/tag/ ... 66781.html

The army consists of:
51x Fire Warriors
-12 Pulse Carbine
-26 Pulse Rifle
-11 Marker Light
-2 Rail Rifle
16x Kroot
3x Stealth Suit
6x Crisis Suit
- All suits/weapon options magnetized
1x Sniper Drone Team
2x Devil Fish
2x Hammerhead
1x Pirannah
23x Drones
-11 Gun
-2 Missile
-5 Shield
-5 Marker
2x Broadside
-1x Heavy Rail Rifle
-1x High Yield Missile Pod
1x Riptide
1x Storm Surge
1x Supremacy Armor Titan
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