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Tournament, 4-5 May 2013, Dark Tower Games (Bellingham)

Tournament, 4-5 May 2013, Dark Tower Games (Bellingham)

Postby DylanGould » Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:39 pm

Swiped from Ordo Fanaticus, for further info see the original post.


The Bellingham Warhamsters Present:

The Affair at Perfection Valley
A Malifaux Grand Tournament in the Narrative Style
Date: Walpurgis Night (or thereabouts), May 4th through May 5th
Time: 9 AM Saturday to 4 PM Sunday
Location: Dark Tower Games; 1431 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, WA; Store Phone: (360) 599-5127
Cost: $40 before April 1st, $50 April 1st and after

Size: Due to planning constraints, the tournament is currently capped at 40 participants. Dark Tower's new location is quite spacious and could accommodate more, but the comfort of the attendees is paramount. Plus, we need to plan for the amount of swag to produce. This tournament has sold out each year, so if you want to come, I suggest registering early!

The Proper Attitude: The Warhamsters take their gaming seriously, but value fun and camaraderie above all else. Thus, you are encouraged to bring an attitude conducive to an exciting, fun, and relaxing weekend. Please check any must-win attitudes at the door. We have some great microbreweries and restaurants within walking distance of the event site, and random gaming and shenanigans is likely to keep us up most of the night. Meet new friends, visit old friends, but above all – have fun!

• Select one Master to use for the entire weekend.
• Select a pool of up to 50 soulstones of models .
• Game sizes will range between 25 and 45 soulstones, depending on the scenario.
• All models used (not including summoned models) must be selected from the initial pool of models.
• All models must be fully painted (at least 3 colors) and based.
• First round pairings will be random (or grudge matches); subsequent pairings will be determined by total victory points.
• More details will follow, but expect interesting scenarios linked by a narrative.

Prizes for Winners: In the typical Warhamster spirit of challenging but non-competitive “good times” we’ve intentionally removed incentives for trouncing one’s opponent. Instead of showering the winners with prizes, winners just get trophies. Three trophies will be given:

Best Gunslinger – The player with the most victory points for the weekend
Best Lookin’ – The player with the best looking crew (as voted by the players)
Best Storyteller – The player who is the most fun to play (as voted by the players)

Prizes for Everyone: Rather than showering the winners with prizes, we’d like to shower EVERYONE with prizes! As Dark Tower will be donating the space to play, all of the proceeds of the tournament will go into swag, giveaways, and prizes. As with last year, we’ll likely be selling some of the tournament swag via the internet. That way, those unable to attend the tournament can still get some of the cool swag, and in doing so create even more awesomeness for those attending the tournament. While we don’t want to give away all of our secrets ahead of time, expect:

• A custom-designed deck of cards (kind of the Malifaux equivalent of custom dice)
• Some sort of handy game aid that will make you the envy of your peers
• A terrain piece, objective, or two.
• Miniatures of some sort for use in the tourney (and beyond!)

Of course, some of the proceeds (and generosity of the sponsors) will go into the prize table. The plan is to have a variety of good stuff (including a boxed set or two, some blisters, etc.) and determine who gets first pick by raffle. There should be enough that everyone walks away with something from the prize table.

Enough already, man, how do I sign up?: Send $40 via Paypal to bellinghamwarhamsters(at)gmail(dot)com . Make sure you include your name and the email at which you prefer to get updates. Please indicate somewhere that the payment is for Walpurgis III. You'll receive a confirmation email within a couple days, if you don't, please let me know! Alternatively, you're welcome to pay in person if you see me (Jim) or another Warhamster.
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Re: Tournament, 4-5 May 2013, Dark Tower Games (Bellingham)

Postby Rage » Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:59 pm

I'll chime in on this one-

This is the biggest and best Malifaux tournament I've ever attended, and one of the very best I've even heard of, as far as I am concerned. Jim puts 100% of the entry fee towards the swag, since we're able to use the store-space free of charge, and we've come up with some phenomenal Malifaux goodies in the past (and this year is looking just as good!).

I'll be driving up for the weekend, and would be willing to carpool with anyone who might be interested. I will likely be staying with some friends, and may be able to get anyone who wants to come along a place to stay.
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