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Knife Fight Tau

Knife Fight Tau

Postby VeiledMalice » Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:13 pm

So I brought a list last weekend using a concept I like to call "Knife Fight Tau" - close range, high shot volume, get in close quick. Shadowsun deploys forwards with her Stealth Suit group, and joins up with a couple groups of gun drones during the first turn to get volume of fire/shields for them. The drones also screen the groups and make deep striking close difficult. Both Commanders and the Vespid deep strike and apply precision fire against hard targets/monsters. Ideally, they come down among the forward units to have screening units so they stay around longer.

The Ghostkeels, Fire Warriors and other Gun Drones provide a mobile base of fire to draw heat away from the vanguard units in the meantime.

Here's my main issue with it: it has virtually no long range fire. The longest range thing I have are the Fire Warriors with their pulse rifles, and one rail rifle. On long board edge games, my main group will get left behind and the vanguard will take all the punishment, stringing my units out too far to support one another effectively. It worked well against a Tyranid list that was very assualt-focused, but having to deal with IG, Ad Mech or Eldar long range lists would be a very uphill battle, one I don't know if it can handle.

Three Detachments:

Battalion (3 CP)
Commander (3 Cyclic Ion Blasters, Advanced Targeting System, 2 Shield Drones)
Ethereal (Equalizers)

5x Fire Warriors
5x Fire Warriors
5x Fire Warriors
5x Fire Warriors

Ghostkeel (Fusion Collider, 2x Fusion Blaster, Target Lock, Drone Controller)
Ghostkeel (Cyclic Ion Raker, 2x Burst Cannon, Advanced Targeting System, Target Lock)
Ghostkeel (Cyclic Ion Raker, 2x Burst Cannon, Advanced Targeting System, Target Lock)

Vanguard Detachment (1 CP)

3x Stealth Suits (2x Burst Cannons, 1x Fusion Blaster, 2x ATS, 1x Drone Controller, 2x Markerlight Drones)
3x Stealth Suits (2x Burst Cannons, 1x Fusion Blaster, 2x ATS, 1x Drone Controller, 2x Markerlight Drones)
3x Stealth Suits (3x Burst Cannons, 3x ATS)

Outrider Detachment (1 CP)
Commander (4x Fusion Blaster, 2x Shield Drones)

5x Gun Drones
5x Gun Drones
5x Gun Drones
5x Gun Drones
8x Pathfinders (7x Markerlights, Rail Rifle, 1x Pulse Accelerator Drone, 1x Gravity Well Drone)
8x Vespid Stingwings
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Re: Knife Fight Tau

Postby Unorthodoxy » Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:11 pm

Well its got 88 models (or so by my quick count) so its in no way lacking there despite having some heavier hitters.

You're right that its fairly short range. I'm not gonna' lie: my Dark Eldar would not be opposed to fighting this list, which is not a good thing.

Ghostkleels are 168 points with Fusion Blasters and the Colliders. Probably the best way to take them now. They are fairly devastating, they are MUCH faster than before, hard to hit and unfortunately less accurate.

Fusion Colliders average 3.5 wounds per round, to two models when they wound. Cyclic Ion Rakers rely more on luck and are far more target depenent to be good now. Its sad. So my first suggestion would be to go with the Fusion Collider versions.

Having said that, 168 points buys a lot. That is almost enough for 10 Pathfinders wielding SIX more Rail Rifles at 30 inches (36 on the move, actually and 42" when you consider scout moves). Those things sting like hell, and they can only take one wound per hit, making them like all infantry a fairly doughty bunch as well as offering the precious Markerlights from the rest of the unit. It seems to me that 6 Rail Rifles could kill a tank a round if left to their devices.

The Gunrig is like 139 or so points and provides a massive amount of firepower to the battlefield as well as mobile cover for your little buddies. There are far worse things to provide you cover as you sledge hammer into the midst of the enemy. Its Supremacy Railgun is brutal in the extreme.

Just a couple ideas that would go with your mobile efforts while maintainting a gunline.

Also thats a lot of HQ's. Pretty well appointed ones. Still, are you certain you really need them to get the firepower you need? Food for thought. What Ive see T'au Empire do is just throw layersin front of characters nad let the heavily armed caarachters dshoot the bejeezus out of my while I try to mill through the chaff.

One other unit you might not have given a lot of thought to but a Kroot UNit with Krootox put out some good firepower for the cost. Krootex are Rapid fire 48" so I mean...ghet them within 24" into a forest and unload with 6 STR 7 AP 1 2 Damage shots, It's pretty good and serves as bubble wrap which is a big thing now.
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